Forrester Family

Joan Forrester's (nee Taylor) Grandparents

Joan’s mother (Ethel Taylor) nee Shaw side of the family.

Joan’s – Shaw grandparents on her mother’s side were Arthur & Lucy Shaw (b1864,1867), they married in 1886 and had 9 children, 8 survived and one sadly passed away early in life. We are aware of 7 children, Fredrick (1888), Alan ? (1893), Willie (1897), Ethel (17th June 1899), Eva (1902) and Nellie (1907). They lived together at 1 Merton Lane , Wincobank in Sheffield.

Joan’s father (Ernest Wilfred) Taylor side of the family.

Joan’s – Taylor grandparents on her fathers side were Ernest and Charlotte Taylor (b1873,1878), they married in 1899 and had two children, Ernest Wilfred (20th July 1900) and Douglas. They lived together at 17 Bilton Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield.

Arthur & Lucy Shaw 
(Joan’s Grandparents Shaw)

1911 Census - Arthur & Lucy Shaw

Photos of Lucy Shaw

Ernest & Charlotte Taylor
(Joan’s Grandparents Taylor)

1911 Census - Ernest & Charlotte Taylor

Photos of Charlotte Taylor

Joan Forrester's ( nee Taylor) Parents - Ernest & Ethel Taylor

Ernest and Ethel Taylor had three girls, Winifred (Winnie), Vera and Joan born on 16th March 1931.

Ernest and Ethel Taylor lived on Houstead Road in Sheffield. Ernest passed way in 1968 and Ethel in 1971.

Married on 2nd Sept 1922
Ernest & Ethel Taylor

Joan Forrester (nee Taylor) in 1947 at the age of 16 – with her two sisters, Winne and Vera – fiancee Harold

Modern Day Forrester Family Tree

Harold Arthur Forrester was born in April 1927. He started is working life as a draughtsman, working his way up to being a Works Engineer.

Harold continues to live in the family home in Sheffield.

Married in 1951

Joan Forrester (nee Taylor ) was born in March 1931, the youngest of the three sisters, Winifred and Vera.

Joan met Harold when she was 16, marrying Harold four years later, Harold was 24 and Joan was 20.

Joan sadly passed away on the 29th February 2016 at a grand old age of 84.

Left to right :- Winifred Allen(sister to bride), husband Albert, Theresa Metcalf (sister to groom), husband Lawrence ,bridesmaid (?) is cousin to the bride, Harold Forrester (Father of the groom), Alan Metcalf (grooms nephew), William Rusling (friend of the groom), Gladys Smith (close friend to the father of the groom), Eric Pickering (best man),Groom and Bride, Ernest Wilfred Taylor (Father of the bride), Grandmother (CharlotteTaylor) to the bride, Charlie Wheatley (friend to the bride and groom),Ethel Taylor ( Mother to the bride), Grandmother (Lucy Shaw) to the bride, Jean Hibbard ( daughter of Mrs Smith), Gilbert Hibbard (husband to Jean), Janet Hibbard ( daughter to Jean), Betty Wheatley, nee Marriot (friend to the bride and groom), Vera Franklin , nee Taylor (Sister to the bride) and husband Douglas.

Joan and Harold's Two Sons


Born July 1957


Ian Andrew

 Born April 1964