H7 GCF - VW Golf Plus 2.0 TDI

DateOverviewDescriptionMileageCost £Supplier
Sep 11Routine1st service - oil change5,5860VW - Service Plan
Sep 12Routine2nd service - oil change, dust and pollen filter7,9230VW - Service Plan
Sep 13Routine3rd service - oil and brake fluid change11,4110VW - Service Plan
Aug 14Routine Full service14,969241Tavern Service Station
Aug 15RoutineFull service + timing belt + water pump + battery17,387713Tavern Service Station
Nov 16AdhocRecall 23R7 EA 189 CO2 emissions0
May 17RoutineFull service21,397200Tavern Service Station
Sep 17IAF Purchased22,1400Monty’s of Sheffield
Dec 17Tyres2 x Front Tyres Goodyear 205/55/R1624,477150Tanvic Tyres
May 18RoutineFull service + DSG oil and filter change30,702322Atkinson Auto Tec
Nov 18Tyres2 x Rear Tyres Bridgestone 205/55/1636,541150National Tyres
Mar 19RoutineInterim Service - Oil and filter change40,694122Atkinson Auto Tec
Mar 19Adhoc2 x rear light clusters, led lights failed40,694225Atkinson Auto Tec
May 19AdhocAir Con Regas42,999 45Wainwrights
Sep 19Tyres2 x Front Tyres Toyo48,023136Mansfield Tyres
Oct 19RoutineOil & Filter Change + front wheel alignment49,497137Atkinson Auto Tec
Dec 19AdhocFront & Rear Brake Pads52,389115Atkinson Auto Tec
Feb 20AdhocAir Bag Fault - Broken wire and clean throttle body.54,959148Atkinson Auto Tec
Sep 20RoutineFull Service and MOT62,847261Atkinson Auto Tec
Oct 20RoutineCambelt & Water Pump - 4 yrs or 40k miles64,279359Atkinson Auto Tec
Dec 20AdhocAir Bag Fault - Door Loom67,00160Atkinson Auto Tec
Jul 21Tyres2 x Front Tyres
Bridgestone 205/55 R16 91V
Sep 21RoutineService & MOT
Oil & Filter
76,333177Atkinson Auto Tec
Jan 22AdhocNew S3 Bosch Battery 067 70ah 640amps78,64688Atkinson Auto Tec
Mar 22AdhocEGR Valve80,082711Atkinson Auto Tec
Sep 22RoutineService & MOT - air and cabin filter, oil change83,352201Atkinson Auto Tec
Nov 22AdhocClean Throttle Body84,47682Atkinson Auto Tec
Nov 22Adhoc2 x Front Tyres 205/55/16 Goodyear85,043160Tanvic
Nov 22AdhocNew front discs and pads, new OSF brake caliper and hose85,122242Atkinson Auto Tec
Jun 23AdhocRefurbish 4 alloy wheels350DE Alloys
Sep 23RoutineOil & Filter Change + MOT90,593180Atkinson Auto Tec
Jan 24AdhocNew engine thermostat92,990259Atkinson Auto Tec
May 24AdhocRepair central locking wiring and fit new NSR door locking mechanism. Secure OSF door mirror glass94,614240Atkinson Auto Tec
IAF Cost to Date5041