H7 GCF - VW Golf Plus 2.0 TDI

DateOverviewDescriptionMileageCost £Supplier
Sep 11Routine1st service - oil change5,5860VW - Service Plan
Sep 12Routine2nd service - oil change, dust and pollen filter7,9230VW - Service Plan
Sep 13Routine3rd service - oil and brake fluid change11,4110VW - Service Plan
Aug 14Routine Full service14,969241Tavern Service Station
Aug 15RoutineFull service + timing belt + water pump + battery17,387713Tavern Service Station
Nov 16AdhocRecall 23R7 EA 189 CO2 emissions0
May 17RoutineFull service21,397200Tavern Service Station
Sep 17IAF Purchased22,1400Monty’s of Sheffield
Dec 17Tyres2 x Front Tyres Goodyear 205/55/R1624,477150Tanvic Tyres
May 18RoutineFull service + DSG oil and filter change30,702322Atkinson Auto Tec
Nov 18Tyres2 x Rear Tyres Bridgestone 205/55/1636,541150National Tyres
Mar 19RoutineInterim Service - Oil and filter change40,694122Atkinson Auto Tec
Mar 19Adhoc2 x rear light clusters, led lights failed40,694225Atkinson Auto Tec
May 19AdhocAir Con Regas42,999 45Wainwrights
Sep 19Tyres2 x Front Tyres Toyo48,023136Mansfield Tyres
Oct 19RoutineOil & Filter Change + front wheel alignment49,497137Atkinson Auto Tec
Dec 19AdhocFront & Rear Brake Pads52,389115Atkinson Auto Tec
Feb 20AdhocAir Bag Fault - Broken wire and clean throttle body.54,959148Atkinson Auto Tec
Sep 20RoutineFull Service and MOT62,847261Atkinson Auto Tec
Oct 20RoutineCambelt & Water Pump - 4 yrs or 40k miles64,279359Atkinson Auto Tec
Dec 20AdhocAir Bag Fault - Door Loom67,00160Atkinson Auto Tec
Jul 21Tyres2 x Front Tyres
Bridgestone 205/55 R16 91V
Sep 21RoutineService & MOT
Oil & Filter
76,333177Atkinson Auto Tec
Jan 22AdhocNew S3 Bosch Battery 067 70ah 640amps78,64688Atkinson Auto Tec
Mar 22AdhocEGR Valve80,082711Atkinson Auto Tec
Sep 22RoutineService & MOT - air and cabin filter, oil change83,352201Atkinson Auto Tec
Nov 22AdhocClean Throttle Body84,47682Atkinson Auto Tec
Nov 22Adhoc2 x Front Tyres 205/55/16 Goodyear85,043160Tanvic
Nov 22AdhocNew front discs and pads, new OSF brake caliper and hose85,122242Atkinson Auto Tec
Jun 23AdhocRefurbish 4 alloy wheels350DE Alloys
Sep 23RoutineOil & Filter Change + MOT90,593180Atkinson Auto Tec
Jan 24AdhocNew engine thermostat92,990259Atkinson Auto Tec
IAF Cost to Date4801